Lavender Oil Useful Benefits For Zen Life

Lavender Oil Many Useful Benefits For Living Zen Life

Did you know that evidence shows that the Egyptians used aromatic oils as early as 4500 B.C.E.?

The ancient Greeks called Lavender nardus, after the Syrian city of Naarda and was commonly called Nard. Lavender was one of the holy herbs used to prepare the Holy Essence and Nard and is mentioned in the bible in the ‘Song of Solomon’ among other places.

It’s origins is believed to be from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India and derives its name from the Latin ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash”.  The Romans used Lavender to scent their baths, beds, clothes and even hair.

Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty, its sweet floral fragrance and its multiple uses.

As an essential oil it offers many benefits for a zen life from medicinal to aromatic. I use Lavender oil daily in ways that go beyond the calm that it’s known for.

Beauty & medicinal lavender

A few drops of lavender oil under the eyes reduces dark circles and puffiness in just one day.

Several drops of it combined with a carrier oil such as almond, olive, apricot, coconut oil helps to prevent hair loss particularly for patients who suffer from alopecia.

Also a great benefit to treat acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and added to chamomile to treat eczema.

Research suggests that aromatherapy using lavender oil has beneficial effects on coronary circulation. It also lowers blood pressure and is often used as a treatment for hypertension.

As a tea it is useful for digestion because it increases the mobility of food within the intestine.

Add lavender oil to a diffuser

To aid in healing throat infection, flu, cough, cold, asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis. It’s also very effective for these ailments when rubbed on the face over the sinus’s and temples.

This is especially important for children who suffer from allergies and respiratory infections regularly. You reduce not only the duration of these symptoms, you can prevent infections since the oil is antimicrobial.

For children with sleep difficulties, turn on the diffuser each night with sweet sleep meditation music. This brings your children into a calm quiet space to find a restful sleep.

A regular massage with lavender oil can provide relief from pain in joints.

As an essential oil it has a calming scent. Therefore it’s helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension, anxiety and emotional distress.

It makes an excellent mosquito repellent which doubles as a skin hydrant and calming spray I use continuously when I fly.

Mix in a spray bottle the following ingredients:

  1. 15 drops essential lavender oil
  2. 4 drops essential lemon oil
  3. 4 ounces distilled water

A member of the mint family, Lavender has been used for centuries in the preparation of food. It makes an excellent herb accompanying rosemary and thyme.

As someone who is very sensitive to smell and perfumes I’ve found a myriad of uses for lavender oil. The best being an air freshener as well as a freshener for sheets and pillows, furniture and curtains.

I use the same recipe I make for mosquito repellent on all over the house.

One important thing to consider when selecting all essential oils…

Lavender Oil Zen LifeMake sure your ingredients are of the highest quality for maximum benefit and whenever possible organic. There are a lot of MLM companies jumping into the essential oil game.

Sadly these companies are often unscrupulous and cut the oils with way too much carrier oil. They also use harmful pesticides and chemicals. For your health, go with a smaller company with a solid reputation. I support small business as often as I can.

One of my favorite essential oil companies is BARFUT.

The reason I love them is because they are located in Spanish Fork, Utah as a small company to meet the local needs of health stores, chiropractors, spas, and individuals.

Also they are 100% pure, therapeutic; organically grown, ethically produced and free from chemicals or pesticides. Their oils do not contain fillers, additives, or any other type of dilution.

Lavender makes the most beautiful bouquets and planters.

Growing lavender is easier than you might think. It’s is a sun-loving plant that thrives in well-drained soil. Though it’s an herb that likes lots of water, it prefers not to be stuck in puddles for days on end.

I grow containers of lavender all around my patio for the beauty and scent. Clay pots tend to allow for better circulation than other materials, making it ideal for lavender.

lavender_bathSo tomorrow night light some lavender candles, make some Yogi tea, run a warm bath and throw in this amazing bath bomb. Relax and treat yourself to a well earned lavender dream.

Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Invest in zen is about creating the life you deserve. It goes far beyond material investments and possessions.

It’s all encompassing to feed our bodies the nourishment we need. To give the mind positive information. To treat our soul to the life we deserve.

Ultimately that brings happiness and contentment, the money will follow. Your dreams will manifest.