Insights for Women

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity
― Sun Tzu

There are 166 billion women in the US. Women now earn more college and graduate degrees than men do. We make up half the workforce, and we are closing the gap in middle management.
Women in large numbers, outperform their competitors on every measure of profitability. Our competence has never been more obvious.

  • Yet 75% of women vs. 81% of men are involved in making long term financial decisions.
  • 76% of women vs. 84% of men own a retirement plan.
  • Only 41% of women invest.
  • Only 33% of women have confidence selecting investment options to reach their financial goals.⠀
  • Less than 25% of American women have a definite plan for retirement.

What plan do you have in place to achieve your financial goals?

  • Less than 1/3 of women are satisfied with their current financial situation.
  • More than 1/2 of woman are responsible for their household finances.
  • Over 1/2 of women are caregivers for elderly parents or disabled children.
  • Yet less than 1/4 of women have an emergency fund saved. Even less have a retirement plan.

Consider what plans have you put in place:

  • Financial Independence
  • Dependent Care
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Long Term Investment
  • College Education
  • Real Estate

These investments are not luxuries, they are necessities that each and every woman in this country deserves.
Being mindful in the present is the best plan for the future!!

No matter what level income,

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