What is holistic finance?

With so much noise and chaos in the world, we are being bombarded with negativity. When our lives are filled with negative thoughts our deeds and actions follow that energy. When we align our energy with negativity without realizing it, all we see are bad things happen to us.

What we are missing is control over our lives. We are not taking ownership of our circumstances and feel trapped by negativity and depression.

Money is the root of all evil.

How misinterpreted this statement has been over the centuries. Money and finances provide us with the security and peace of mind we require to enjoy life. Money allows us the freedom to make choices based on what we want rather than what we can afford. Money is a luxury very few of us believe we deserve and as a result of this negative association, we squander what little money we have only to start the cycle all over again.

This type of negative financial association is generational and continues until YOU break the cycle!

The root of all evil is not money, it is the unhealthy mind. There are two types of unhealthy belief systems in place when it comes to finances.

One is, the spender. The spender doesn’t comprehend the value of a dollar. They buy lavish gifts and luxury items with only the thought of instant gratification. An unhealthy attitude towards money and finances seduces them to misuse it. Basically they piss it away without thought. This type of person doesn’t plan for the future by being mindful today. They live under the illusion of “easy come, easy go.” or “you can’t take it with you.” While both are true, there is a degree of childish selfishness to this way of living. It doesn’t support the communal whole of family and society.

The other negative association quality is the penny pincher. This person trips over a dollar to save a dime. They are so stuck planning for the doomsday of tomorrow they don’t enjoy the moment. They also risk health problems that can cause them to not make it to this future. Motivated by fear, they hoard and hide every dollar they earn in the event something catastrophic may happen.

Holistic finance is an all encompassing approach to healthy finance and wealth management. In order to get our finances right, we must also get our mind and body right.

  • We must first develop a healthy relationship within ourselves and our attachment to money.
  • We need to understand our motivation for income and wealth.
  • We must lay the groundwork within our lives every morning by committing to our goals.
  • Holistic finance is the cleansing of bad habits and negative thoughts towards finance and investing.
  • It is a daily process of staying centered and focused on the present.
  • It is supporting and being of service to others in our quest for financial independence and wealth management.
  • We redefine what investments and financial planning means to us.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our budget.
  • Believe we deserve to live a life free of debt and positive cash flow every month.

Through mindful meditation, healthy nutrition, information and exercise every single day we create a better way of living. We create the life we know we deserve. We create a life of freedom.

Healthy Mind + Healthy Body = Healthy Finances