Thank you Robyn Hadem you’re badassery saved my business!

“After running Rose Movement Studio for 3 years and gathering an army of women around me that make it “go” we realize that our business is in service of female empowerment. Behind the scenes of the fun classes we offer at the studio we regularly fight to keep our space safe, thriving, and affordable for those who enter. On the battlefield of the commercial real estate market in this booming city I am happy I have Robyn Hadem in my corner. On multiple occasions this broker and badass woman has lent me much of her knowledge, support, and negotiating skills with lightning fast response time. Thanks to her generous expertise and her mutual desire to work for the empowerment of women, I have made favorable compromises when, without her coaching, I would have been swallowed up by property owners throwing their weight around. Sometimes I consider giving up but in those moments, fierce angels like her come out of the woodwork and keep me going. Thanks Robyn!”