Robyn Hadem Holistic Financial Advisor

Bhogasukha – Happiness from sharing one’s money and wealth with others.

Advisor + Investor + Meditator 


“Being mindful in the present is the best plan for the future.”

Good health is our most precious gift, time is our most valuable asset and security is our greatest achievement.

Why? Because when our health is compromised, finding joy each day is difficult and threatens our livelihood.

As a financial advisor and real estate agent, Robyn Hadem focuses on these three foundations in her approach to investment planning for her clients. Good health in finances early, allows our time to be better spent in retirement and gives us the security that our loved ones are taken care of so we can enjoy and live life to it’s fullest.

Robyn started in commercial real estate in 2001 and quickly became Orange County’s leading broker for medical development.

Over the years, she’s achieved many accomplishments and considers her success is measured by her service to others.

As one Developer put it, “When Robyn’s working just hang on tight and let her make the magic happen.” Robyn has worked in development and investment projects from $80mm on down and over a million square feet of property. She finds the most excitement working with small business.

A leader among female entrepreneurs and small business owners, she dedicates her time to helping women achieve their financial goals. When she was in her twenties, as a young single mother, Robyn struggled just to put food on the table. This experience became her passion to assist women of all income streams to realize that everything you today, is the plan for the future.

“I love to make money grow. I see opportunities everywhere and value each day as a gift to make something amazing happen.”

As a licensed real estate agent in California and Nevada, tired of creating wealth for already wealthy men, Robyn set out to achieve her insurance licenses to help people of all means achieve their financial goals.

In an industry long lamenting the small percentage of female advisors, the data show that only around 17% of all advisors are women. We often hear that female clients seek someone with whom they are more comfortable. Younger women who are waiting longer to marry or not marrying at all; their financial lives are their own responsibility.

Robyn currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and divides her time between Vegas and California. She has studied many religions and philosophies with a deep understanding and practice of Theravada Buddhism and Zen meditation. She is a student of yoga since 1989 with a focus on Kundalini and a practiced dancer in several forms of world dance. Robyn’s lifelong focus on health and nutrition lead her to study in depth ayurvedic nutritional healing, vegaism, vegetarianism, raw food, intermittent fasting and cleanses.

The foundation of her life and business is mindfulness.