Money Mindset: Focus on the Minute

Get into the money mindset when you begin your day.

In addition to clearing negative thoughts, focus the mind to positive thought mode and increase productivity and success.

  • Get comfortable and turn everything off for a few minutes.
  • Breathe in to a count of five and exhale to a count of five three times.
  • Relax the jaw by placing your tongue between your front teeth.
  • Relax the forehead, roll and drop your shoulders back.
  • Turn your head side to side a few times to feel yourself ground to earth. Whether you’re sitting in a chair at your desk, or sitting cross legged on the floor, feel yourself ground down and lift the head.

I promise myself that I will enjoy every minute that is given to me to live. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Today’s money mindset daily zen is to focus on each minute.

How is it possible to focus every minute?

It’s a reasonable suggestion. Don’t think about the daunting task of pure focus throughout the day as if you took adderal. However, be aware and be present in each minute as much as possible is the goal.

Think about it this way, a minute is only 60 seconds. If you can focus your attention on exactly where you are at that moment for 60 seconds at a time you can do this.

What does it mean to focus your attention for 60 seconds?

Don’t let the mind wander away into thoughts that don’t pertain to where you are at that minute. When you find your mind wander, bring it back to the present.

Finish the task or conversation at hand. You will improve performance and relationships with focus on what you do and how you listen.

The mind wanders to avoid the present. Often, this is a subliminal reaction to self sabotage and impede success.  We feel fear of the unknown, anxiety for being unable to control the unknown and depression from feeling so out of control. Consequently the thoughts we wander to create fear, anxiety and depression and we feel paralyzed.

A money mindset doesn’t lose focus.

In order to achieve our dreams we must do everything it takes to make them happen. We have to fight like warriors and pivot on a dime. We know to be laser focused on the task at hand no matter how mundane it may seem, it’s all part of the bigger picture. Hence the baby steps matter a ton!

Above all, just for today, focus on each minute.

For instance the goal is to buy the first rental property. This is the first step in financial freedom. But you have no money for the down. So you stress, fear and worry then go into depression because you won’t ever be able to save enough. The depression cripples you, you’re stuck.

That destructive thinking doesn’t catch the money mindset.

Because we practice daily zen. The money mindset practitioner woke up 40 minutes earlier this morning to sit quietly and prepare for the day. The money mindset person made a fresh pressed juice in the nutra blender to fuel up with the vitamins, minerals and hydration the body needs to get the mind focused properly.

The most efficient use of time begins each morning with the 20/20/20 plan.

  • 20 minutes of stretching
  • 20 minutes of reading
  • 20 minutes of quiet meditation


You gain a lot when you test yourself, the reason is, you gain knowledge. For one thing, you gain an understanding of yourself and how to push beyond perceived limits.

You learn a lot about other people through listening. Also you learn by listening to what is not said and to be present is the only way to facilitate that kind of intuition.

Above all, you learn to discipline the mind, which is the best thing you can ever know.

  • Be humble in your achievements and be proud of who you are.
  • Be present in each minute and receive success.
  • Be mindful in thought, speech and action gain happiness in life. 

As a result of the money mindset to focus on each minute in business watch your life flourish and dreams begin to manifest themselves with ease. There is much less stress in the calm mind. People gravitate towards the strength of quiet over the brashness of loud. Things begin to fall into place and when met with resistance, a money mindset keeps it all together for everyone and guides the outcome to a positive solution.

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