Best Colors to Paint Your Home

When choosing the best interior paint color for walls in your home, the process can be overwhelming.


Color trends come and go but once they’re on your walls, you have to live with them for a while. Finding the right shade of blue-green for instance, can be a daunting task. Many people get lost in the sea of paint chips making the decision process a difficult one.

If you aren’t aware, color changes once applied to the surface. The hues also change form light to dark depending on the time of day. So while that gorgeous blue-jeweled color paint might be just the one you’ve been looking for, once applied it’s very likely much darker than you thought and more blue less jewelry toned.

You might have thought that Caribbean blue would bring back memories of your vacation only to find out it shrunk the room to half it’s size.


First thing you want to think about is what color are your floors or carpet. As a designer, I can tell you the most noticeable mistake I see in homes, even brand new construction is the walls, floors and counter tops.

Warms walls with a cool floors or reversed with multi colored marble counters throws off the eye. Add to this the fabric and pillows of your furniture and it’s an explosion of disaster hunni.

I find that muted wall colors tend to be the best eye pleasing when buying or selling a home. I truly love a strong jewel tone blue or hot pink and have myself, painted my studio these colors. When painting interiors for living, the more subtle the color the calmer the environment and the more relaxed we feel.


Best paint interior colors on the market for 2018 are subtle hues of muted greens, blues, corals with neutral tans. 

These beautiful tones give that slight shade of color yet give the space a neutral palate to work within. Adding pops of color in pillows, rugs, lamps and accessories helps define the space and bring your personality.

Behr color trends 2018

Personally, I love painted white walls however even white walls must be the perfect shade or risk falling flat.

Which brings me to my next point, here is where most people make a huge mistake, they buy glossy paint. Just no. Please don’t ever buy glossy interior wall paint.

An interior wall looks best and brightest when using a semi-gloss or flat paint and when choosing white, always choose flat.

With so many choices how do you decide which paint to choose?

Ask for sample mixes of your top choices. I usually pick 3-6-9 different tones of one color. Some places will charge you for a sample can but it’s worth it.


I tape off 9″ x 9″ squares on the wall and paint each one a different color. Let that sit overnight and in the morning when peel off the tape then stare at it.

In the evening, night come back and look at it again. The one you know you can live with, that excites you the most will just jump out at you. If it doesn’t wait another day and do it again. Even when I work for clients this is my process.

Using soft paint tones that please the eye are great when you go to sell your home. Buyers love neutral best. If you have any questions, shoot me an email. I love helping guide people in their design and real estate choices.

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